Roller Hockey

Pheasantland Rolling Phantoms Hockey

What is hardball roller hockey?

Hardball roller hockey is a non-contact skill sport played on traditional roller skates with a ball and “cane” style sticks. There are 4 people and a goalie on the floor at a time. The game itself is very fast and involves alot of quick passing and shooting. It is very popluar all over the world. Many of the best teams are from around the globe. Our Boys travelled to Salt Lake City, Utah for Nationals this year, July 2011. Bringing home a Gold in Pee Wee division, Alec Moyer along with MVP, A silver in Midget Division, A Gold in Freshman Division, MVG for Jarrod Stevens, A Silver in Junior division, MVP to Christopher Merkel!! A great group of boys: Alec Moyer, Colby Moyer, Christopher Merkel, Lucas Groff, Skippy Steves, Kyle Herrlinger, Mason Lynch, Mike Merkel & Brian Moyer and Ryan & Nathan from Cumberland Boyertown!!! WAY TO GO PHANTOMS!!!

See a video.


We have multiple hockey teams at every age group. Come Join Today!


Currently we have multiple divisions at Pheasantland, some of which are Pee-Wee, Midget, Freshman, Junior, Silver, and World Class.

Tournament Information

Our regular season consists of meeting with the Cumberland Raiders and the Bedford Bandits about once a month.

See our tournament results.

Some Photos

a roller hockey game between Boyertown and Cumberland (Freshman Division)


Christopher Merkel was MVP in Junior Divison in Salt Lake City, Utah July 2011


Allen Davis.  Enjoys the occasional turn in goal.


Skippy Stevens, MVG, Salt Lake City July 2011



  • Stick
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Skates
  • Ball
  • Knee Pads
  • Shin Pads

Skate Supplies


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